Diwali is popularly known as Festival of Lights . As we all know, Light is not only a source of Energy but it also improves our visibility in darkness.

I do recall my childhood days in an interior rural area where electricity had not reached till the seventies. Diwali in those days was much more delightful ,enjoying the beauty and tranquility of a series of little lit lamps in front of every house in the village ; and lanterns made of Kraft paper or gelatin paper hanging in front of every home.

In the process of civilization,our economy is driven with a lot of industrial revolution resulting in migration of rural  folk to urban centres. The paradigm shift over a period of few decades is phenomenal. Majority of  India is now blessed with electricity , modern vertical housing , better transportation, sanitation, healthcare facilities, education and empowerment.

When I compare both the ends of the era in the absence of basic necessities of electricity and the industrial & urbanized India ,we are grossly encroaching the fine line of the balance between the absolutely unsafe & safe life of the human beings.

We are all excited  to welcome the happy Diwali 2018. This excitement  sometimes makes me nervous when I hear the news of increasing pollution levels in civilized ,rapidly modernizing urbanized India; of which the National Capital New Delhi is itself a glaring example.

Adding to this health hazard ,every Diwali we experience a number of Fire incidents in the Fire-cracker markets

Then there are lakhs of burn injury & eye injury cases being reported for which systematic data mapping is not maintained.

When I sit back & think about Fire Safe Diwali, many  Do’s & Don’ts come to mind which I feel majority of us know. We as a Fire fraternity can really focus and educate the masses through electronic and print media in their respective jurisdictions or regions.

Some of the Do’s & Don’ts are enumerated below :

  • Lighting of Crackers should be done in an open space and Not close to a building or anything flammable.
  • Monitor Children who are playing with Firecrackers.
  • Ensure Electrical Cables used for lighting lamps ,decorations are not left loose or open. This could shortcircuit and start a fire.
  • Dias and Lamps with open flame should not be placed near anything flammable like curtains
  • In case clothes catch fire,do not panic ,drop and roll on the ground.
  • For Burn injury, Immediately pour clean cold water to the affected part of the body.

To conclude,to keep our environment clean & safeguard our citizens ,a cohesive effort of the Fire proffesionals would definitely help in contributing to help in making this Diwali not only the most joyous but also safe.

With this thoughts , I take this opportunity to wish one and all



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